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Group Companies

The Al Mawakeb group is also does business in real estate, garments, perfumes, footwear, and electronics. In all these industries of interest, we take the same care and provide the same consumer commitment that our business practices have shown in our food distribution operations. We also have packing machineries trading businesses and flour mills across the United Arab Emirates and India.

Our main office is located in Qusais, Dubai, with a branch in the new industrial area of Ajman. We also have factories in the industrial area of Ajman and in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu, India. All of our offices and locations have the singular goal of providing quality products and services of the people of the Middle East and India.

We strive to provide the very best in all that we do and instill a commitment to excellence in our employees that is passed on to our vendors, resellers, and the consumer public.

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