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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility begins from providing a healthy, safe and creative working environment for our employees and supports them to reach their ambitions and goals. We carry out ethical business and provide a genuinely good place to work and which will help them develop individually.

Providing safer and healthier food to our customers is our responsibility of greater importance. All of our foods are freshly processed, packed with all of nature's goodness. Our products are always 100 % natural, 100 % vegetarian and 100 % Halal. Every food item that we sell is prepared and processed in own factory in 100% hygienic conditions and abiding HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) regulations. We inform our consumers about the ingredients in our products, so that they can choose products that best match their tastes, needs and dietary requirements.

As part of the responsibility towards nature, we manages to reduce waste materials and dispose or recycle responsibly without impacting the nature. To maintain the freshness of each product and reduce wastages, it is prepared in the region where it is cropped and packaged using only the latest technologies. Our raw materials are mostly from organic crops and we never add artificial colors, any preservatives, or any animal fat.